Why you need a date with yourself!

Be your own best friend!

Today I’m doing something unusual for me, but it feels empowering, freeing and fun. I’m strolling one of my favorite streets, enjoying the weather and shops( not atypical for me) as I see all the restaurants I’d love to have a light bite at. I usually walk past, grabbing a snack to go, but today I say no to that and do something different. I take myself proudly into the stylish open space and ask for a table for one. This is usually reserved for a date with a friend or my husband, but not anymore. I just changed the rules, and it feels great!

Sitting with my lobster tostada and margarita, I feel like I’m on holiday in Spain. The sound of the Latin inspired music, the sweet taste of lobster with the tangy lime of the margarita, interesting people watching- it’s perfect! Who knew I only had to be 15 minutes from home. And best of all, I can truly hear myself, and completely relish in the ability to focus on whatever I choose. It’s a mental vacation from the norm, inspiring my creativity and sense of wonder.

You can do this too, and should! In fact, put it on your calendar, commit to doing this the next time you have an hour to spare, and don’t say you can’t, that’s just an excuse that keeps you away from yourself! Yes it’s true, we can go through many hoops to avoid being with ourselves, and yet, the best antidote is too treat ourselves like we would want someone else to. Let yourself dream! Where would you go if you had someone to take you, or someone to go with? Sure it’s great to be with others, but until we are really with ourselves in peace, harmony and joy, we can’t give any of those wonderful qualities to another. So what are you waiting for?? Do it now!!

Where will you take yourself? What will you do? What do you want to experience? Whatever the answers, I bet you will grow in the process. So spend a day treating yourself to life, living as you want, experiencing something different or whatever you fancy. The only rule is to be with you, a date with life by your rules. As for me and my lunch, it’s the best 20 bucks I’ve spent in a long time.