Creative manifestation and joy building group

Creative manifestation and joy building group

This group is for those of you who not only want ongoing support for your goals and dreams, but will work on a manifestation dream board which is a powerful way to literally see your life just as you want it to be in front of your eyes. This enforces manifestation visualizations that we do each session, as well as gives you a fun and creative way to think about all you want to happen in the next year and perhaps, beyond. We typically do some movement and visualization meditations in each session as well as have a group walk and talk in some sessions.

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Weekly topics include:

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  • Discovery time..what fills you with purpose, passion and fun? IF you don’t know, how to find out!
  • Tools for creating more aliveness
  • Getting unstuck and out of ruts
  • Healing the inner-critic and inviting in our own good parent
  • Learning about micro-steps and how to use them towards what we want
  • Self-care and abundance, how do we create more of it?



6 week session
2 hours each


On The Move, Belmont CA