Joyful Parenting Possibilities

Whether you are a new parent who wants to walk with your baby, or you have older ones, The Forward Path can be your chance for seeing new possibilities for joyful parenting while simultaneously increasing self-care, and yes, it’s possible! I know about this because my kids are 11 and 13, and have given me the opportunity to practice this to the fullest. You deserve to enjoy life to the hilt, and give that joy to your kids. This can only happen if you are happy and fulfilled yourself, which takes healthy selfishness. Want to learn how to fill yourself with glee while you thrive as a parent? The opportunities are endless, but sometimes take thinking out of the box and in unconventional ways. Join me to start this empowering process, and give your family the best you can be!! 1-1 SESSIONS AS WELL AS GROUPS ARE AVAILABLE! Contact me for details.