About Me

I believe in you!

Laurie Nelson MA, Licensed MFT #38826 and personal fitness trainer

Laurie Nelson MA, Licensed MFT #38826, Empowerment Coach

My passion is to help you feel joyfully ALIVE and empowered in each moment. To be your unique self with confidence. Put simply, TO FEEL LIKE LIKE YOU ARE LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT, DOING THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO AND BEING THE PERSON YOU MOST ENVISION. My specialty is helping you bring this to fruition with excitement, fun and yes, some hard work along the way! My approach is holistic, as I integrate body awareness, movement, guided visualization and breathing exercises into our sessions. Beyond verbal conversation which is key, these tools help to increase authentic expression and openness to new possibilities. We work collaboratively as my job is to help you listen to and trust the voice of your inner wisdom, step into your full power and attract in all you desire with ease. It’s absolutely possible as you release what’s keeping you stuck in the status quo!

As a wife, mom, therapist for over 10 years and someone who spent time in the corporate world, it’s my true joy to partner with you on the path of transformation! One of the ways I help you live an EMPOWERED life on purpose is through the practice of SELF-CARE and SELF-LOVE. This is so crucial for manifesting joyous relationships, fulfilling work and a life that lights you up!  IF YOU LOOK TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD FOR APPROVAL WITH NEEDINESS AND EXPECTATION, WE FOCUS ON HELPING YOU GIVE TO YOURSELF WHAT  YOU MOST WANT FROM OTHERS.

Besides working with ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, CODEPENDENCE and RELATIONSHIP issues, I’ve also worked as a job coach for several years, and can help with all aspects of the job search. Fitness is also a special love of mine, and being a personal trainer as well as a dance teacher and movement guru, I can also assist you in maintaining a fit and healthy body image.

Highlights of focus include (but are not limited to):

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  • Freeing yourself from limiting beliefs blocking your path
  • Overcoming inertia and “stuckness”
  • Thinking outside of the box/entertaining possibility
  • Healing the inner-critic
  • Integration of the various “selves” within, including the vulnerable child, authoritative parent, playful free spirit, etc.
  • Unleashing your inborn creativity
  • Finding what fills you with passion and purpose
  • Take action to gain momentum, learning about “micro-steps”